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Custom error messages in ESS/ MSS BADI HRPBSIN_VALIDATE_REQ carry forwarded

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I have implemented the BADI HRPBSIN_VALIDATE_REQ for ESS/MSS (Enhancement Spot HRPBSINLEAVEREQ).

I have written an error message for example if the number of u2018Days to be Encashedu2019( in ESS/MSS portal) is greater than 60 then an error messages should be displayed as: You have exceeded the lime 60 Days.

After implementing the BADI the error message is getting displayed.

But even after correction we are able to go to next screen but still the error message is getting displayed in the next screen showing: You have exceeded the lime 60 Days. Which should not be the case? It should go ahead without the error message as the user has corrected the number of u2018Days to Be Enchashedu2019.

I have appended the error message to table error_tab in method IF_HRPBSIN_VALIDATE_REQ~VALIDATE_REQ.

Request you to tell the procedure how to come across this issue.




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You got any solution for this? , Same things is happening with me also.

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same iisue we are facing?did you get any solution?

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Solution: If the error tab is initial, fill the error tab with some success message with type 'S', and then the forwarded error message replaces with success message in the next screen.