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Currency TND wrong decimal

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Hi all ,

We are facing any issue when we trying to display the TND Currency .

Issue is like,

We donu2019t have any price field in one screen, where the client wants to show the price field in that screen.

What we done is , we added our custom field in the screen same as like standard price field in the other screen

For the standard price the data element have propertied like CURR (13,2).

When we trying to Display our custom filed its printing only 2 decimal and that to one decimal is shifting to left.

Example: 200.000

Instead of 200.000 its displaying like 2000.00

What we do in this screen, its just display .

Where user can add that row to his work area.

After adding into the work area, where we have the standard field


can anybody give any suggestion.

or is there any conversions happening in the its side


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Check your user settting , if it's with two decimals it will display two decimals. So check it and use three decimals there.

With Regards

Nikunj Shah

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HI ,

Currently we are using SRM 550 server. We have upgraded from SRM 3.0.

We have define customized field zz_price same as the price field (BBP_PRICE, Length13, decimal place 2) by defining it in the standard include CI_BBP_ITEM before in 3.0.

The field is being displayed in the Shopping cart basis data and also in the Carry out sourcing screen ->sourcing -> worklist (achieved using a screen variant)

For currency TND (Tunisia - 3 decimal place ) and HUF (Hungary - 0 decimal place) , the custom field is showing decimal place shifted in carry out sourcing,

For example

If the SC price is 200.000 in TND , the same value is copied to ZZ_price.

The price value is displayed properly in check status for SC price and the net price in basis data (ZZ_price ).

The same SC when approved and available in sourcing the net price (ZZ_price ) field in the worklist is displayed as 2000.00 ( which is wrong) . When we pull the SC to the work area, then the SC price and ZZ price inside Basis data tab is displayed properly as 200.000.

Please let me know, do I need to write some conversion code in the HTML template for work list to show the correct display for currency more than 3 decimal places for ZZ _price field.