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What is Correction and Transport System(CTS) in ABAP?and what does independent transport objects mean?

Thank you


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Hi Gopi

Hope this will solve your problem.



The Change and Transport System (CTS) is a tool that helps you to organize

development projects in the ABAP Workbench and in Customizing, and then transport

the changes between the SAP Systems and clients in your system landscape.

This documentation provides you with an overview of how to manage changes with the

CTS and essential information on setting up your system and client landscape and

deciding on a transport strategy. Read and follow this documentation when planning your

development project.

For practical information on working with the Change and Transport System, see Change and Transport Organizer and Transport Management System.

Whatever is developed in sap is assiged to a transport request, it is created by transaction SE09 and then it is released when the data needs to be transported in various other systems


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r u talking about client transportation system.........

clint transportation system means actually we save our objects at local objects.that objects are not transferable to the quality and production.for the transportation of object we create our own project..then send that to the quality clint and production clint,for that we use cts

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hi Gopi,

CTS : A change transport request is used to move your objects from one system to the other.

eg : you create a report in development box . you have used custom table in the report .hence, you will include the report and custom table in one CTS and transport your changes to another box (eg production box)

there are two types of CTS.

1. customising - client dependent

2. workbench- client independent

you can manage your CTS's through Tcode se09 and se10 .




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Hi gopi,

In R/3 system we have Development,Testing and production systems.. normally we do all new developments in Development server,once it is done if we want to move that object to Testing sytem, that particular object needs to be save under one Change Request. after that we will release the request by going to se09/se10 transactions.

I hope your doubt is clear..



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The Correction and Transport System

Changes created in the development system must somehow be moved, then incorporated into the test system, then subsequently moved and incorporated into the production system. The SAP Correction and Transport System (CTS) serves this purpose and is the vehicle by which SAP moves objects such as programs, screens, configurations or security settings from one system to the next. Additionally, the CTS ensures consistency between systems by maintaining log entries for any attempted or completed activities. If used correctly, the CTS creates an effective and standardized procedure for managing and recording changes made to the system while providing an excellent mechanism for integrating either newly created objects or existing objects that have been altered to meet the customer’s needs.

Independent transport objects

Domains, Data elements, Tables, Technical settings for tables, Secondary indexes for transparent tables,

Structures, Views,Matchcode objects, Matchcode IDs, Lock objects.

Check this link (Correction and Transport System Saroj Mohapatra ). It is very useful one..

Also Check this link too



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