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Cross-Co GL Postings don't post as expected w/ BAPI_ACC_GL_POSTING_POST

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We are remapping charges made to one company code to two or more other codes and expect the payment to come directly from the company that was charged.

However, all charges are sent to one company code and the

final payment is made from that single company code.

Is this standard SAP or can it be configured to post differently?

I have tried different Document types but it continues to post the same. This happens every time we run a remap file. We have used the IDOC_INBOUND_ASYNCHRONOUS function module - which ultimately calls the Post_document function module, and I have also tested with several


In transaction FBU3, you see two charges in company code 1200. They are to be remapped to codes 1300

and 5000, one charge each. Instead of each company paying 1200 directly, 5000 (which is Canada if that makes a difference) pays 1300 and then 1300 makes one single payment to 1200.

I can provide a screen shot for anyone interested.

Thank you,

Chris Mowl


Former Member
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Hi Chris,

Is your problem related to cross company posting ? Are you trying to POST CROSS Company posting using these BAPIs and the same you are not getting the results.

Please do let me know I have used BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST to post cross company document without any problem.



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Hi Sudharshan,

Thank you for replying. The basic issue we are having is the way the data is posting. The data itself is correct but our users don't like the way the payments are posted. I've been able to put a link to a screenshot of FBU3 that shows what I am talking about. You can see two payments were made and charged in company 1200. But instead of paying company 1200 directly, company 5000 paid 1300 and then one payment was made to 1200 from 1300.

We would like to see each company make direct payments back to the one that is owed the payment, i.e. 5000 make a direct payment to 1200.

[FBU3 Screenshot|]

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I solved this issue by first sending the record to be credited. Apparently the first company code in the file was being captured as the one that should receive payment. Once I changed the order of the data in the file, the problem was solved. Yea me! I give myself 20 points for all my hard work!