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Credit Card data - need to add/modify data in table FPLTC

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Currently, we are using SAP encryption for our credit card data. This results in a masked credit card number in table FPLTC field ccnum and an encryption key in field FPLTC-ccard_guid. We are modifying our system to not save credit cards and instead store a token that will be used for settlement.

I will add a field for the token to table FPLTC via an append structure - no problem.

When the sales order is saved (VA01), I want to blank out the encryption key in FPLTC-ccard_guid and populate the new field with the token to FPLTC. For the life of me, I can`t find where the table FPLTC is being updated, or the structure that it passes into a routine to do the update. Can anyone help? I am familiar with the exits of VA01, but I can`t find the structure that contains the credit card number or the guid. Thanks!!!


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You can run transaction ST05 in parallel with VA01. That will show what tables are being updated. And you can drill down to the code.


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Have a look at Function Module BILLING_SCHEDULE_SAVE. That is where SAP updates table FPLTC with the payment card information. And the table that contains the data that is used is Internal Table XFPLT.