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Creating Wrapper program which executes multiple transactions (programs)

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Hi experts,

I'm tasked with creating a Wrapper program which would execute few transactions with predefined variants. Wrapper program would be called by an external job scheduler tool.

What I did so far is that I'm calling SUBMITing each program sequentially.

The issue is that when I test it, the first program gets stuck in the application log so I have to press back button in order for my Wrapper Program to continue. Is there a way to avoid this, maybe I should submit program via background job?

Since I'm going to call few programs one after the other, what is the best way to make sure that first program called is actually finished it's job so I can trigger the second one?



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Maybe one solution is to use batch input, to bypass the log screen, but maybe there could be a simpler solution... It depends which program is concerned.