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Creating TO with reference to delivery

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I need to create a transfer order for a delivery note using a function module. I found function L_TO_CREATE_DN to do this. Requirement is that transfer order that will be created should have the source storage type and source storage bin that is specified externally. When testing the function, it does not recognize I_LTAP data input so I think it is not possible to pass storage type and bin data here. Please let me know if there are other function modules that can be used. My last option here is using BDC for LT03 transaction but this will have performance issue because the program will create TO for many deliveries.

Thanks in advance!



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Hi Mervin,

When creating a TO with reference to a Delivery, the source storage type and bin should be delivery number.

If you want to pass storage type and bin externally, then you can use function modues:


But then it will not be referenced by the delivery.



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I have to create TO with reference to delivery for automation. I tried using:

1.L_TO_CREATE_DN function module:

Problem: Where do i specify the batch(s) that need to be picked. Can someone give the parameters that need to be passed to L_TO_CREATE_DN.

2.Created a BDC using "ForeGround" picking.

Problem: After the BDC ends, the document flow is updated; but when i use LT21, TO is not there. Nor is the TO number in LTAK. i.e. i think that COMMIT is not taking place. Can someone tell me how to commit.

In case you have used it, please send me the code.

-Pratik H. Thakkar