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Creating sales order using IDOC - Delivery hour

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i've a problem to solve. when creating a sales order i need that when the segment is E1EDK03 and the IDDAT is 002 i need to extract the delivery hour and insert it in the table vbak-vzeit, now what i'm doing in the exit EXIT_SAPLVEDA_001 is:

DATA: hour LIKE vbak-vzeit.

CHECK segment-segnam = 'E1EDK03'.

IF segment-sdata(3) = '002'.

hour = segment-sdata+11(6).


and now i want to acess the value in hour in the exit EXIT_SAPLVEDA_002 to put it in the dxvbak struct tha i think that is the table correct to then internaly fill the vbak. the problem is that the variable hour is not available in the exit EXIT_SAPLVEDA_002. i do i do to pass the value that i want from the exit EXIT_SAPLVEDA_001 to be available in exit EXIT_SAPLVEDA_002 and then insert that value in the right place to fill vbak.


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Can u tell me the steps to create a sales order using idoc, i've created a bapi but thats a temprory use. I wanted to created a sales order automatically when a purchase order is saved.

Please let me know if u can help me, i wanted to do it using idoc