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Creating QRY and need Serial Number Table for Field SERNR

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I am creating a SQVI Query that will give me all material in stock and their serial number or batch number. I was able to create the batch number by using:


LQUA-MATNR = Part Number

LQUA-LGPLA = Storage Bin

LQUA-VERME = Available Stock

LQUA-WDATU = Date of Goods Receipt

LQUA-BDATU = Date of Last Movement

LQUA-LGTYP = Storage Type

LQUA-EDATU = Date of Last Placement into Stock

LQUA-CHARG = Batch Number

OK I would like to add the Serial Number and when I review in lets say lQ01 I can't find the table name for the serial number - just the field name which is SERNR.

Does anyone know of the table name and how I can link to table LQUA?




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Check the table SNUM (BOM explosion number)



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The SNUM doesn't seem to work. WHne I create a query with that alone and enter an upper level component I get nothing.

I need a table that is connected to the IQ01

If you go in there and do an F1 on the serial number field you can see that the firld name is SERNR. I just don't know tha table name. It must be stored in the warehouse review or in this area.

Any other suggestions?



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Quant and the equipment master do not have direct relationship and if you are not using HUM, there is no connection between quant and the equipment master.

If you are using the euqipment master...  There are number of tables that stores the serial number by the different type of assignments.  For example, if you are looking for serial number assigned to delivery, you can look in SER01.  If you search for table SER*, you will see all of them.  These tables have the key field of "OBKNR" which can be used to access the table OBJK to find the equipment number for the serial number.

If not, SERI will give you serial number detail.