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Creating Logical Database.

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Hi Experts,

Till now i didn't work on Logical Database, anyone please provide me documentation fpr creating logical database and how we can use that created logical database, advantages and disadvantages.

Please provide me step wise for creating Logical Database.

Don't give Links.

i shall give good points.

Thanks & Regards.

Priya Papana.


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<b>use t.code SE36</b>

Logical databases are SAP standard programs that are desinged with selections screens that helps easy retrival and access of data from various tables in and efficient manner.

You can get to know more about the logical databases from the SAP documentation or the following links.

A logical database is a special ABAP/4 program which combines the contents of certain database tables. You can link a logical database to an ABAP/4 report program as an attribute. The logical database then supplies the report program with a set of hierarchically structured table lines which can be taken from different database tables.

Advantages of Logical database -

1) No need of programming for retrieval , meaning for data selection

2) Easy to use standard user interface, have check completeness of user input.


1) Fast in case of lesser no. of tables But if the table is in the lowest level of hierarchy, all upper level tables should be read so performance is slower.


Here is a simple Program on Logical database.

Here is the code.

NODES: spfli,sflight.


WRITE 'Test Program for GET'.

*Fetching SPFLI table

GET spfli.

WRITE: / 'Carrid:', spfli-carrid,

'Connid:', spfli-connid.

*Fetching SFLIGHT table

GET sflight.


WRITE: / 'Carrid:', sflight-carrid,

'Connid:', sflight-connid.

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