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creating legacy master data:Tcode: AS91

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Hi guys,

When i am trying to upload some data for AS91 tcode thru LSMW and BDC, I could not upload the data to few fields , which are NON-EDITABLE mode of a screen of AS91.

Process to go to the screen as follows.

1)Tcode AS91, provide Aseet class, company code

2)click take over values , after entering description and capitalized on field.

3)enter cost center (eg: 440500), plant (1000)

now we get a screen, where we have last column, which is not editable

how to upload the data into these non editable fields.

some consultants sugested that it may not be possible with BDC, LSMW. May be possible with BAPI.

Please help me the way to over come this issue in ABAP perspective.

Note: may be with functional configuration, we can enable the fields, but requirement is to upload the through ABAP only, without changing the functional configuration.


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in your case the LSMW method for AS91 code not suitable, use BAPI CALL FUNCTION 'BAPI_FIXEDASSET_OVRTAKE_CREATE'

in case of LSMW method not possible to transaction values also....

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I am able to enter the values of first column.

where can I enter the values of third column for cumulated values?

is there any other table exist in BAPI or in same table CUMULATEDVALUES???

is it possible to enter non editable fields of the transaction thrugh BAPI_FIXEDASSET_OVRTAKE_CREATE OR ANY OTHER BAPI???

please help me.

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you can use smae table that is CUMULATEDVALUES

for first record the value of lwa_postv-area = '01'.

append internal table for all possible value

for 3rd record the value of lwa_postv-area = '15'.

again append internal table for all possible value

for next record the value of lwa_postv-area = '30'.

again append internal table for all possible value

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not possible to update data for non editable fields through program.