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creating collective deliveries with VL10A

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Hi All,

While creating collective deliveries from sales orders using VL10A, i am checking a condition which if fails should not allow to create the delivery and also should log the errors in V_SA.

I am using the subroutine MESSAGE_HANDLING to log the errors. But here is strange scenario, if i create the delivery with VL01n then the error message is issued and delivery stops but if i create the delivery using VL10a then the error log is created but still the delivery is getting created. Now, my requirement is that in VL10a such delivery should not be created at all and VL10a should continue with creating other deliveries in the backlog.

P.S - I am using the exit MV50AFZ1 and the user exit is 'save_document_prepare'


N. Reddy

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nageswara reddy bireddy


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You might try out this command also to prevent the delivery creating:


Create 123 message in ZMYMESSAGES with transaction SE91.

If it is not working, try using it in the form "save_document".



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Hi Tamas,

I already tried this using MESSAGE E statement. If i use this the system jumps to form SHP_VL10_DELIVERY_CREATE. and here it issues an abend message.

The problem with this abend message is that if i use the background process to create the set of deliveries the abend message terminates the process and all the pending deliveries are not created.

Is there any way by which i can skip the creation of this particular delivery and continue with creating other deliveries in VL10a.



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You should use a header or item level copy control requirements for that, not a user exit. All of the logging/message handling functionality is available and you stop the process before getting into the bulk of the delivery code.

Dadgummit - I just noticed this was a 3 year old post - geez, why did you drag that up and reply to it after 2 years? It's not even the correct approach...

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Please clear the internal table XLIKP[] after that MESSAGE_HANDLING subroutine and then it'll work fine.

Thanks & Regards,