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Creating an ABAP Web Service using R/3 4.7 with Basis 620

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Has anyone created an ABAP web service within an R/3 instance running on the 620 kernel?

I know that the 640 kernel has a wizard as part of SE80, but we are not at the 640 kernel release yet.

If you have done this, I brief description of what steps are required and what transaction ids needed would be great.

Thanks in advance,

Michael Jakeway

Whirlpool Corp.


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I hope u are refering to Internet Service!!!

Internet Service is available from 4.6C onwards.

Using SE80, u can create the Internet Service for any ABAP development designated to run in Internet Service.



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>I hope u are refering to Internet Service!!!

An Internet Service and a WebService are two completely different things. Please don't confuse the two.

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All of your RFC enabled function modules can be exposed as WebServices in 620. This has its advantages and disadvatages. You can read the following for more details:


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You create a new Internet service in the initial screen of the Object Navigator.

1. Open the Object Navigator (transaction: SE80).

2. From the object list, choose Internet Service.

3. Enter a name for the service you want to create.

Note that all Repository objects in the customer

namespace begin with Y or Z.

4. Click or choose Enter to confirm your entry.

The system checks to see whether or not an object

with that name already exists in the SAP system. If

it does not exist already, the Create Object dialog

box appears.

5. Choose Yes to create the service.

The system displays the Create Internet Service

dialog box.

6. Select the Type of Internet Service.

You can specify the type of Internet service

depending on the programming model you want to use to

implement your Web application. In general you can

choose a programming model that is screen-based or

screen-independent. If you use the screen-based

model, you should choose the type Screen-based

application and then enter the transaction code of

the relevant SAP transaction. If you only want to

generate HTML templates for some of the screens in

the SAP transaction, set also the flag ITS Mixed

Mode. For more information, see Using Mixed Mode.

If your Web application is for a programming model

based on the flow logic that is not screen-based, you

should select the option for a Flow Logic-Based

Application. You can also enter the name for a Start

template. In this case, the corresponding template is

generated once the Internet service has been created.

7. Choose Save.

The system then displays the Create Object Directory

Entry dialog box.

8. Assign a package to the service and choose Save.

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>I know that the 640 kernel has a wizard as part of SE80, but we are not at the 640 kernel release yet.

Actually need more than the Kernel. You need to be running the WebAS version of 640. The kernel is backwards compatible, but the WebAS version is not. Therefore you need to be on R/3 5.00 (ECC 5.0) to have a webas release of 640 and therefore the web service creation functionality (including the wizard) in SE80.