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create text file (ASCII), tab separated and load in sap (transaction al11)

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i need to create a text file (ASCII), tab separated in sap which can be viewed in transaction AL11.

thank you.


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Hi kailashl,

Do intend to create a tab delimited file through program. or is it that you wish to diretly place the file on the application server.

PS: if you wish to place the file which you have on the application server from presentation you use the tcode CG3Z, you need to give the source file path on the front end and target path on the application.

If you wish to write the file onto the app server using program that you can do using dataset. and for tab delimited u can use CL_ABAP_CHAR_UTILITIES=>HORIZONTAL_TAB.

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Use Tcode CG3Z to upload the file into app server

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1. Move the records to be uploaded in internal table

2. open dataset.

3. Concatenate all the fields of a workarea separated by tab. (Declare a conatant for tab in such a way : CONSTANTS: wc_tab type X value '09'

4. transfer workarea to dataset

5. Once all the records are transferred then close dataset.

Reward if useful.

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thank you....

but now the problem is the file is created in default work folder ... but i want to create it in my folder.

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In opendataset provide the full file path in which folder u need

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