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Create Selection field in CUSTOM CONTROL

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Hello gurus,

Aside from ALV and Images, is it possible to create selection fields (i/o fields) in a Custom Control?

'Coz I'm tring to create a workbench with 2 panes (left & right).

Right Pane will contain my ALV Display.

Left Pane will contain my selection.

No problem with my right pane, it's working as expected. But can anyone assist me how to create my let pane (selection screen in a custom control).

BTW, I'm using custom control 'coz I'm using a splitter, and this splitter only accepts custom control.

SE80 is an example of what I want to achieve. But it's so hard to understand it's coding.


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Hello there,

Is anyone here?

Or if not selection-screen, a subsreen can be. What I want to come up with is to make may left and right pane resizable (possible using the splitter, but splitter only accepts custom control), my right pane will contain the data thru ALV display, while the left pane will contain my selection (i.e. Material Number range).

Any idea would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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What only comes to my mind is to do it other way around, namely left pane would hold ALV and right one would hold screen fields. This could be achieved by setting in PBO of screen docking container (which docks at left). This way you can resize both area and then one will follow another (I mean if you decrease size of docking container to the left, screen fields will justify to the left next to the container - as they would be attached to it). This is functional and looks ok, but if you want it flipped (docking container on right) this won't function same way anymore. When you resize container (to the left) it will cover all screen fields (which is awkward).

As you noticed, you can't embed controlls within container, that's why only one has to be used.

Hope this solution satisfies you


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Hi Marcin,

Thanks for your reply. I'll try that one first and will just get back here again for the result.