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Create & Read Text with more than 255 Chars

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Hi  All,

I have a requirement  where in i have to  send a mail with  more than 255 chars,  I have achived this by  using CL_BSC & 

cl_bcs_convert=>string_to_solix by  converting  the data to Hexa decimal format.

Now again  my  requirement  is to  show the sent  mail  in Web dynpro , as the user  logs in the portal.

To  achieve my  second requirement  i am planning  to  store the sent  mail  using Function module - CREATE_TEXT in Hexadecimal format .And in Web dynpro i am using  READ_TEXT to  read the sent  mail & convert  the data into  string. Here the issue is CREATE_TEXT / READ_TEXT  can hold data with  132 Char only. Is there  any alternate Function module or methods to  complete the task.


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Hi Sarath,

CREATE_TEXT / READ_TEXT can have any number of characters, since the parameters FLINES/LINES are table types. 132 characters limitations is only for single line.

while creating text append the text in FLINES by breaking 132 char each line and while reading loop at LINES to pass it.



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It can hold as many lines of 132 character strings as you need.  Just split them at the 132nd character going into write_text and concatenate them on return from read_text.


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Here the problem  is as CREATE_TEXT can hold only 132 chars, It  takes 132 chars &  writes the data to database , chars more than 132 gets truncated. As the data base has only 132 chars READ_TEXT  also pulls the stored 132 char.

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While not string_variable is initial.

  move String_variable(132) to long_text-line.

  move String_variable+132 to String_variable.

  append long_text.


Does get you a leg up?


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Try to pass your text to FM "RSDG_WORD_WRAP" and split it into lines of  your desired number of characters before passing it to "CREATE_TEXT". The TABLES parameter "out_lines" will contain the text split at defined length.