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Create and Change Folders Management Records with SECATT

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I want to create automatically SAP Folders Management records, that works, but if I
want to use Buttons within the records I got the error

"Screen Check Error: Expected Transaction: ...., Actual Transaction: ..., Expected
Program: SAPLZ..._DIALOGS, Actual Program: SAPLSRMCLFRM2. Expected Screen
Number: 100.


The problem is that when a button is started, first programm SAPLSRMCLFRM2 with Module
user_command_0100 and CL_GUITOOLBAR with method dispatch is starting before the
real method/function of the button will start.


Has anyone a solution for this?

Thanks in advance.




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Hi Karin,

My understanding of this issue is :-

While recording the process, program  SAPLZ..._DIALOGS was recorded and While executing the program SAPLSRMCLFRM2 is appearing instead of SAPLZ..._DIALOGS.

Kindly record all the screens occuring in a correct sequence.

Make the screen 100 as optional if it does not occur all the time in your process.

ProcessedScreen Node


·         If the flag is not set, ProcessedScreen will not be executed.

·         If 'X' is set, ProcessedScreen will be executed.

·         If 'O' is set, ProcessedScreen will only be executed if the screen actually appears.

This solution applies only if it is not opening a new transaction in new session.