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create a selection screen dynamically

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Hi all,

I need to create a selection screen dynamically from an excel sheet which i get.

The selection screen can contain elents such as select-options, parameters, radio buttons and check boxes.

the excel sheet looks like this:

text name ref_table ref_name type mandatory default

plant mara marc S M

checkbox cb c X

type refers to

s- select option

p- parameter

c- check box

r -radio button

please help


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Hi ,

Download all this values into one intertabl table by separating name wise.Loop this internal table and by checking the type keep selet-options ,parameters and radio buttions stateemnts for every statement.

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this is what the error i am getting when i hav done the way u told for this:

select-options 'x' for table-field.

field 'x' has already been defined.

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The message is self-explanatory. You already have a field with such name defined somewhere in your program. Use a different field name.