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Could you check this code ??

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Hi Guyz,

Here is my piece of code.

FORM get_infotype_data TABLES pi_it0001_tbl TYPE t_it0001_tbl

pi_emp_info_tbl TYPE t_emp_info_tbl

pi_event_dates_tbl TYPE t_event_dates_tbl

po_emp_tab_tbl TYPE t_emp_tab_tbl.

DATA: l_it0001_tbl TYPE t_it0001_tbl,

l_it0001_str TYPE t_it0001_str,

l_emp_info_tbl TYPE t_emp_info_tbl,

l_emp_info_str TYPE t_emp_info_str,

l_event_dates_str TYPE t_event_dates_str,

l_emp_tab_tbl TYPE t_emp_tab_tbl,

l_emp_tab_str TYPE t_emp_tab_str.

SORT: pi_it0001_tbl BY pernr,

pi_emp_info_tbl BY pernr,

pi_event_dates_tbl BY pernr.

LOOP AT pi_it0001_tbl INTO l_it0001_str.

READ TABLE pi_emp_info_tbl

WITH KEY pernr = l_it0001_str-pernr BINARY SEARCH.

IF sy-subrc = 0 .

  • clear l_emp_info_str.

MOVE: l_emp_info_str-perid TO l_emp_tab_str-perid,

l_emp_info_str-gbdat TO l_emp_tab_str-gbdat.

CASE l_emp_info_str-gesch.

WHEN '1'.

MOVE 'M' TO l_emp_tab_str-gesch.

WHEN '2'.

MOVE 'F' TO l_emp_tab_str-gesch.



READ TABLE pi_event_dates_tbl WITH KEY pernr = l_it0001_str-pernr


IF sy-subrc = 0.

MOVE: l_event_dates_str-betrg TO l_emp_tab_str-betrg.


MOVE l_emp_tab_str TO po_emp_tab_tbl.


ENDFORM. " get_infotype_data

I am not getting any data in to the table po_emp_tab_tbl.

After rwading the table, Getting sy-subrc = 0.

Please help me.


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I see no INSERT, APPEND, or MODIFY into internal Table po_emp_tab_tbl in your code.

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1. structure for both l_emp_tab_str and po_emp_tab_tbl are different.

2. move one by one field to dest. structure.

3. check whether data is populating in the l_emp_tab_str .

4. as well as in int. table pi_it0001_tbl.

5. u defined the stru. for po_emp_tab_tbl as a work area.

wheterh it should be work area or table?

if its table, define table type

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Hi Priya,

You are not appending the values of the Work Area to the Internal tables, after moving the values from one work area to the other Work Area.Use APPEND <Internal table> statement after moving the values from one WA to the other WA.