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Copy Standard program and modify

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Hey guys,

Is it allowed to copy the standard program and modify it?

Will there be any risks in doing this?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.





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SAP will allow to copy standard program to custom program. Once you created custom program then you can modify the program as per your requirement. there is no risk..


Venkata Narayana

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u can copy and modify stadard program , but it is very difficult to understand the code and modify ,

but one thing it is very risk to modify standard program k .

my option is to create a customized program with the reference help of standard program k ,


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Thanks a lot guys...

I have copied a standard program into a custom program and changed nothing yet when i do syntax check, it creates an error that is not found in the std program... it prompts that some parameters are not existing in the custom program...

these parameters are found in the include program that is not declared in the standard program...

when i double clik on the parameter, it goes to the include program where it is located, however this is not the case in the custom program...

do u think i missed something or anything?

Thanks a lot guys

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Hi Mark

I hope you are trying to activate all the program at once than doing it individually.

~ Ranganath

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Ya there is no problem in Copying and Modifying the SAP Standard program. But U should be careful to copy all the Includes in it also.

awrd points if helpful


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Hi Mark

I feel there is a risk definitely associatied by copying the standard code. The risk is mainly with not getting the support from SAP for this custom code. Any new patches applied to the standard program must have to manually in-corporated in this custom code. So, main problem will be getting in synh the standard and custom code, where the applied patches are relevant to the custom code as well.

~ Ranganath