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Convert RAW 1022 to XString

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i have got a PDF-File in a RAW 1022 table and want to convert it into a XString.

I tried to do with SCMS_TEXT_TO_XSTRING, i got a result but a wrong one. My table has 11 lines, so the xstring should have 11424 characters - but it has 15627... Can anyone help to solve this problem?

DATA: file_tab TYPE TABLE OF bapiconten,
      file_xstr TYPE xstring.

* [...] PDF into table [...]

    BUFFER   = file_xstr
    TEXT_TAB = file_tab


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This should work, you can try something similar to this.

field-symbols: <fs_line> type raw.....( give the correct data type )

<fs_x> type xstring.

assign lv_x to <fs_xc> casting.

assign lv_raw to <fs_line> casting.

<fs_x> = <fs_line>.

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Uh, I forgot to tell you I am doing this in a BSP-Application, so i get the message that <fs_x> and <fs_line> are not convertable in an unicode-program.

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I found a solution. Thank you 😃

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Thanks Timo for share your solution...