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Congrats, Rich

Former Member
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Hi Rich,

I see that you've entered the ...:-)

All the best.


Anand Mandalika


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Congrats Rich.


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Wow, thanks guys. I actually hadn't noticed. I've been stuck on the "second" page for some time now. It really is great to be apart of this community. There are many creative minds at work here. Good job to all.


Rich Heilman

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Congrats Rich!!! . That's great . I definitely endorse the opinion of all other guys. The forum has definitely helped to solve and tackle some of the issues.

Thanks alot for your help.

Also for all other guys who have been making this forum a great success.

That brings me to the question I have.

I am working on this query..

select knumv kschl kbetr kwert kinak

from konv

into table cdata for all entries in bodyitab1

where konv~knumv = bodyitab1-knumv

and ( konvkbetr > 0 or konvkwert > 0 )

The query works fine and I fetch only the records where I have 'KBETR' AND 'KWERT' have values greater than 0.

But I have a condition type 'ZBET' and for one of the records the net balance is zero i.e

kbetr and kwert both have value 0. so it does not pick that record.

But I have to pick it up .

So how can I modify this query so that this condition is not applicable for the condition type 'Zbet'

Thanks in advance.



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Hi Santosh,

I appreciate your doubt but I guess this post was not the right place to ask your query.

You should have created a new post.


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I am sorry about that tushar. I realized it. I was in a hurry.

Thanks for letting me know.


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Hello ABAP Pundits,

First of all congrates to Rich.

Infact I appreciate everyone of you for keeping this forum so lively. This forum helped me a lot in solving many real time issues.

I will surely try to actively participate not only in querying my doubts but also to impart the experience I have gained so far to fellow ABAPERS.

Thanks Once Again...