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Configuring Aleart Mail

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Thanks in Advance...

I wanted to configure the Alert Mail message to my system. ie., when ever there is the aleart message in my RZ20 t-code it should automatically trigger the mail.

Can any one guide me the step by step procedure for this.



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There are several possibilities depending on the solution and landscape. For instance you can centralize using Solution Manager.

Let's say you have SAP R/3 4.7 and you want to activate the alert functionality in RZ20; you will need first to select or to create a new monitor; then let's also assume you want to activate an alert when your CPU goes beyond 90% utilization; there are so-called "Auto Reaction Methods" that will do this for you for every monitoring object; when an alert is being detected the auto reaction method will execute something; in your case this will fire an email. For that you need to select the method with name:

"SALO_EMAIL_IN_CASE_OF_ALERT" in the parameters tab of the method you can define a user or distribution list email address.

Keep in mind that you need first to have email functionality already configured in your SAP system (several instance parameters and Tx SCOT)

Hope this helps!

Best Regards,

Federico G. Babelis

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Hi. I am creating an alert to let the helpdesk know when someone locks their ID due to incorrect passwords. I've got it working with the SALO_EMAIL_IN_CASE_OF_ALERT but I can't get it to work with the copied version(ZZSALO_EMAIL_IN_CASE_OF_ALERT). Can anyone give me a few pointers here?


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Hi all,

I have setup an auto-reaction method for aborted jobs with standard method CCMS_OnAlert_Email and It works fine. But its related function module SALO_EMAIL_IN_CASE_OF_ALERT writes a lot of info that it becomes unnecessary for our requirements. So I made a copy for the standard method and function module to include custom abap code, where I have coded a simple sql statement to filter only necessary jobs. I have debug it and all seem to be correct but the problem is that the email is not performed.

What is wrong? Is there any limitations to make custom modifications?

Thank you.