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Condition group in Sales order

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Hi Experts,

I need help in maintaining the <b>condition group 1</b> value in tab <b>additional dataA</b> in sales order item level. Right now we are getting the values based on the sold to customer of the sales order but we need it based on the ship to customer.

Even a way to approach it will be really appreciated.




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You can proceed as follows:

Procedure for copying customer master fields to a sales document

Copying customer master fields to a sales document is carried out in two steps:

1. A field in the customer master table (KNA1 or KNVV) is first copied by INCLUDE (KUAGVZ, KUWEVZ, KURGVZ and KUREVZ) to the sold-to party, ship-to party or payer view (KUAGV, KUWEV, KURGV or KUREV). A value is assigned to the field via a user exit (V05...).

2. The field is copied to the sales order table (VBAK, VBKD or VBAP) from the respective customer view (KUAGV, KUWEV, KURGV or KUREVZ). A value is assigned to the field via a user exit in program MV45AFZZ (USEREXIT_MOVE_...).

In your case it will be:

The following communication structures are relevant for using customer master record fields in SD documents:

KUWEV (Ship-to party view of customer master record)

Transport from customer view to the sales document table