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Concatenating the table fields

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In my req I have to concatenate the header and item details, during concatenating I have to concatenate one header and one line item and push it as one line(Single Line), I am unable to concatenate the values into a single line they are coming in two lines, how to achive this.


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how are u having those header and item details??? two internal tables or in same or how?

depending upon this i can suggest

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Both are in different tables.Any updates ?

Edited by: Varun on Jun 16, 2009 8:01 PM

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Assuming header_data is table which holds header names as rows, whereas item_data is a table which stores one item value in each row, then the following would apply:

data: itab type string occurs 0.
loop at header_data.
  read table item_data index sy-tabix. "read it by index if i.e first row in ITEM_DATA has value for first row in HEADER_DATA
  if sy-subrc = 0.
    concatenate header_data item_data into itab separeted by ';' ."line would look like MATNR;045678031
   append itab.



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clear : gv_concat_line, is_item.

loop at it_item into is_item.
    concatenate gv_concat_line is_item-desc into gv_concat_line.  

    at end of key. "-------->key field separating records in header table which is in item table also
       clear: is_header .
       read table it_header into is_header with key key = is_item-key.
       if sy-subrc = 0.
          gs_final-line = gv_concat_line.
          append gs_final to gt_final.
          clear : gv_concat_line.

    clear is_item.

hope this helps.. self explanatory,...

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check this

loop at header into wa_header

Read table lt_line into wa_line with key <COndition>

loop in lt_line ito wa_line

concatenate wa_head-field wa_line-field into temp.

'append temp



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Loop on the item table and read the header table by matching the key fields in both.

Then concatenate both into some variable and append it to a new internal table.


Ankur Parab

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Hi Varun,

First Lets sat Table A(header), Table B(Items), Table C(Final after concatineing,,)

Table A--- Contains 4 records,,,,

Table B--- Contains 4 records,,,,(Or more records based on line Items)

Loop at Table A.

Loop at Table B (based on Work Area of Table A--- Where clause)
Concatinate (Table A - Field) (Table B - Field) into (Table C- Field). "Gives you First header at the end available no of items, one by one...

Append Table C.

Thanks & regards,

Dileep .C