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communicate with funtional consultant?

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in real time how to communicate with funtional consultant and team-lead ?

with e-mail or any other ? plzz explain me?


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video conference


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For simple question answer type, you can use email or phone to comunicate.

For complex question answer type, you can setup a meeting to discuss the issue and solution.


Ferry Lianto

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Hi Akash,

Normaly, consultants within a team exchange information through emails at first.

And then, discusses over phone/VOIP, if each are at different location, to gather more requirements or if they need more information on any requirement.

Sometimes, consultants use webmeeting through Webex or Netmeeting etc... to see the screens and discuss if they are at different locations for example offshore and onsite.

In some environments, team members also discusses using yahoo or msn or rediff messengers.

Hope this helps.



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New specs, changes to specs and sign-offs should be done via e-mail or other written medium for audit purposes.


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HI Akash ,

In real time , the process will be like this

the functional cunsultant max he will at on site , he will send client requirment to ur team lead , and ur team lead will assign work to you

after you review that Functional specification if got any small doubt then you put a mail to ur functional cunsultant about that or you can call through VOIP phone

if you feel that is a big issue then you can raise a issue log , with that it automatically send that mail to ur functional cunsultant

so by thins you can contact your functional cunsultant by mails or by call its ur wish , max it will by mail only

if you want to discuss some thing with your team lead that is also same process