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Commit work statement creating problem in CALL TRANSACTION

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Hi Friends,

we are facing a problem where we need to call a standard program from a Zprogram.

we have tried the following ways.

1. Using SUBMIT statement , we are sending the parameters to the standard program, but when the standard program gives a

dump our program cannot process further records. we are calling the submit statment in a loop. As because the standard

program is giving dump our program is not able to process the next record in the loop and this should not be the case.

To avoid this we have used the second method.

2. we used a CALL transaction, we have created a Tcode for the standard program and called this transaction in the calling

program. We are passing the parameters for the standard program via BDC table. this works fine even when the standard

program gives a dump but when ever the control comes across a Commit work statement the the control comes back to our

calling program with out executing the rest of the statments after the commit.

now our concern is even though there is an commit work statement , statements after the commit work should also get executed in call transaction. Is thee any way?




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Please search in SCN. The solution to this is already available.



Hi All,

I got the solution

DATA: ctu_parameters TYPE ctu_params.

ctu_parameters-dismode = 'E'.

ctu_parameters-updmode = 'A'.

ctu_parameters-racommit = 'X'. "No abortion by COMMIT WORK

CALL TRANSACTION USING itab_bdcdata OPTIONS FROM ctu_parameters.

the above code will work even if there is an commit work . This might help some others.

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I found the solution in SDN itself.