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COMMIT statement

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Hi Guys,

I have a RFC function module which updates a field on the Portal side and no updates are done on the R/3 side. I pass parameters to the FM and it updates the field on the portal side.So do we need a COMMIT statement in this situation.

IS COMMIT statement necessary for every BAPI or RFC function module. What are the situation under which a COMMIT statement is used.


Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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<i>it updates the field on the portal side.</i>


You mean it updates a field in a database table in the java stack? What exactly to you mean?


Rich Heilman

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HI Rich,

It does not update a table in the java stack. It is used to default a field on the portal screen. The function module is used to keep the data consistent between the R/3 and WFM portal.(WFM implies work force management)

The function modules i use are WFA_EMP_DATA_GET and WFA_EMP_DATA_MODIFY. The first one is used to get the data from the portal side and we pass the value obtained from the first FM(export parameter of the FM is table type) to the second FM. the second FM updates the value(table type) on the portal side and is used to keep the data consistent.

I assume you will not find these FM's in your system as they are very recently implemented by SAP.

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IF you are exporting a data from SAP to other system you doesn't need this but if you are importing a data from others systems to SAP you need to use the statement COMMIT WORK.

COMMIT WORK is required for transactions developed externally to the R/3 System that change data in the R/3 System via BAPI calls.

When you call BAPIs in your program that change data in the R/3 System, afterwards you must call this the FM "BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT" to write the changes to the SAP database.

<b>Use function module BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT to do this.</b>


Marcelo Ramos