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Coding Block Field.

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Hi There,

I have problem in coding block. I have some custom field (ZXXXX) in coding block.

I want to display ZXXXX field in FB01 and F-01 for Customer posting key "11" and "21".

I have check all posting key rule and GL A/c field status variant.

But still I am not able to see ZXXxx field in FB01 and F-01 transaction.

Also I have checked OXK1 and i have mention position for coding block. But still dont see ZXXX field in FB01 and F-01.

Can you anyone please help me on this.

Thanks in advance.


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- First coding block is appended to standard tables so field names should begin with ZZ or YY or your namespace

- DId you use transaction OXK3 ?

- Did you read IMG Documentation and 1607020 - Customer defined fields not available for account type D (Customer) and K (Vendor)?



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Hi Raymond,

Thank you for your response.

I can see those field in OKX3.

Also read 1607020. But dont get solution.

What i understand is For account type D and K  Coding block field is not working. is that true ?

We are trying to post to recon A/C. ?

Do you have any other solution.?

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Hi Raymond,

Do you have IMG for Coding block ?

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When you start OXK3 there is a pop-up and in this pop-up there is a link to SPRO/IMG documentation, read it.

The new coding fields can then be used in FI General Ledger accounts, MM Inventory Management and MM Purchasing, and are also updated in the line items created in the Controlling applications.

If you actually require some customer fields for customer (AR) account, you could create a Z-table, manage it in validation/substitution exits as well as SD BAdI. You could display those via RFPOS(X) append structure and reading the z-table in BTE 00001650... (not easy)



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I also have the same problem,

I add coding block field ,but it cannot be display and input in F-02 posting key 31& 01 which account type is D K.

could it be solved this problem in SAP?

Best Regards