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I am trying to use the ALV graphic class cl_alv_graphics to display charts, but i couldn't change the chart type within the code.

Can some one give me information on how to do that?

Also, it will be helpfull if you provide me with any documentation or examples on this class ?


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If your requirement is to obtain graphs why don't you use the FM 'GRAPH_MATRIX_3D'?


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This function module will display graphics in a new window. What if you need to display graphics using the mentioned class CL_ALV_GRAPHICS? Could anyone change the type initially?

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Hi Abdullah

I think <b>"cl_alv_graphics"</b> is not used explicitly in programs and is not for that use.

If you want to have graphics on your screen, you can also use <b>GFW</b>. You can find demo programs <b>"DEMO_GFW"</b> and <b>"GFW_DEMO_"</b>.

To intervene the graphics of an ALV Grid control you can make use of the parameter <b>"it_alv_graphics"</b> of the method <b>"set_table_for_first_display"</b>.