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Did anyone work on CJE0 report in Project Systems?

Once after we excute the report by entering the Project Id and Wbs elemnt , in the output we find the actual cost coloumn . Can anyone tell me from which table this actual field value is being posted .


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CJE0 contains multiple reports for PS module depending upon the Controlling area.

Each report is defined differently. When you execute any report, you will get the selection screen.

Follow path System --> status to see program name associated to that report.

This is a SAP generated program. You can see data extraction method and tables used for respective report.

Hope this helps.


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Hai Ashish ,

Thanks for the reply .

I had alredy executed the project , in the output of the project there is a coloumn called "Actual Cost " . So i want to know from which table tha values are populated .

And this is a standard program with lot of include so it is a little dificult to find from which table it is populated . so please help me

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These reports are client specific. I might not have same data / report in my system which you have in your system. Usually they are created by users.

Get into the program, do a search for that column field name and hopefully it will help you out to get more details.


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or else ashish can u guide me from where the actual cost and planned costs are retrived by entering the wbs elements and project id .

This is urgent , because i need to check whether the data is being populated correctly or not in to the report

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Hello Kavitha;

I suppose that the values are getting from tables: RPSCO, COSS and COSP.