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Checking Transport Order Checks Warning

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Hi, experts

Before transport orders, I used to check them, but this is the first time I have warnings that I can't solve. Results window show me this: Code Inspector Checks = 60 messages

Checking list appear under folders:

1) Performance Checks -> Low-Perform. Parameter Transfers -> Information - > <b>Message Code MESSAGEG.N</b>

Function ZXZ_FILE_MANAGE Row 222 Column 0

The parameter "I_DSOURCE" is transferred as a value (VALUE).

In general, this combination does not perform well. Reference

transfer can be used without use reference transfer. use reference transfer.

This appear 6 times and no systems suggestions

2) Critical Statements -> <b>Warning </b>

- Message Code 0006

Function Group ZXX_AX200 Include LZXX_AX200F01 Row 19 Column 2

Use of Native SQL

This appear 60 times and systems suggestion for each one :

<i>The message can be hidden using pseudocomment "#EC CI_EXECSQL</i> but when I put at ending of ABAP code, and check syntax a warning is showed.

It's really urgent, please any help I will thank you, <b><REMOVED BY MODERATOR></b>.



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Alvaro Tejada Galindo


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Hello Alvaro

(1) When you hand over variables by value then the system has to make a local copy of the variable. This, of course, is time-consuming. However, I believe in almost all cases you can <b>ignore </b>these warnings.

I prefer to use BY VALUE because I really want to make sure that any changes are transferred to the calling program only if the routine, function module or method has been finished properly.

(2) Native SQL should not be used because you may run into trouble if the database changes. There always try to stick to the <b>open SQL</b> statements.



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Sorry Alvaro

Could you tell me why have you edited and removed my post? if I made a mistake could you let me know what was it?


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Hi mgg:

I didn't remove your post...I just modify it, because ask for points or offer points is not allowed on SDN.



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Hi Alvaro

Well I post it not for giving points, because I consider just points for people who is on line and could help you, I apologize.

I hope not to close the post, I really need the help


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Don't worry -:) I have no plans to close the post...I just saying that you can't <b>offer</b> points for good answers -:)