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Checking format of data after GUI_UPLOAD

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Hi All,

I am using GUI_UPLOAD and saving data in an internal table for further processing.

The file to be uploaded from legacy contains fields like date and quantity.

Before I go ahead with the processing of data i need to check if the format of the data is correct or not.

For example, quantity cant be 1.0001 as it can go to three decimal places max.

If any quantity or date is entered in incorrect format, i need to display an error log displaying specific data.

I have seen the exception BAD_DATA_FORMAT.Its not of my interest.

Kindly help me with some different solution.



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try to change the file type to ASC or DAT rather than BIN

Can you please check if the param. "DAT_MODE" was not passed while using GUI_DOWNLOAD. May be you have passed that in your FM.

If you did so then you need to pass "DAT_MODE" to GUI_UPLOAD as well.

NB: You can read the 'Long Text' on DAT_MODE param. for details.

If you are using GUI_Upload FM , then you can specify the File format as ASC in it




FILENAME = 'C:\Temp\test'




DATA_TAB = itab.