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Check for spare parts Kit to be dispatch for each Material in VA01at item

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Hi Experts,

I need your valuable guidance and help in Enhancements and Modifications of VA01.

My company decides to dispatch spare Parts kit which will depend on qty of finished material to be dispatched to the dealer.

In VA01, when a person select a finished product and its order qty >1 and <20, a pop window appear to ask whether a person want to dispatch a kit or not. if yes then a list of kits(1 to 7 depends on the Sales Qty) must be appended to line item below the selected material.

Here Kit will be treated as a material.

Can anyone tell me by which User exit or BADI can I get the solution of above mention issue.

Thanks a lot in advance.

With Regards



Former Member
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Following BADI's are getting trdiggered when creating the sales order,






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Hi Thanks for Reply.

I did by using BADI_SD_SALES_ITEM.

it display error -

'BAdI definition BADI_SD_SALES_ITEM is only provided for SAP internal use'

so I'm unable to create Implementation.

can u tell me the reason of this error.

or my process is wrong.

I'm using the following process-

1. Execute Business Add-In(BADI) transaction SE18

2. Enter BADI name i.e. BADI_SD_SALES_ITEM and press the display


3. Select menu option Implementation->Create.

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Hello Madan,

Try to use exit V46H0001.



Edited by: Sujeet Mishra on Jun 4, 2009 7:25 AM

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Thanks Sujeet,

User exit V46H0001 is also not working at item level of Sales order..