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check for select * in abap code

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Hi ,

Ii try to personalize a check in order to check for SELECT * statement , i want to create new check in code inspector , can i have some advices .

best regards .


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I would not recommend to do that, it is a waste of time. There are lots of SELECT * which are simply correct. There are a lot of SELECT * where not all fields are needed, but the width is so small that you can not expect to save anything.

Instead of wasting your time, concentrate on the checks which are there:

Code Inspectoru2019s Performance Checks (I)


Code Inspectoru2019s Performance Checks (II)


there is also a number III.

These checks are on missing indices, problems with buffer usage and inefficient usage of internal table. They work

fine, (I know who programmed them and fine the top issues for performance.


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deleted duplicate

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Thinks for the answer , i Will studies the others check .