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Changes are not capturing in OO ALV Custom control

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Hi Experts,

I have a problem in Custom control.

I am using OO ALV to display the data with custom control.

In this i have a drop down for one field in the table.

When i select the value from drop down list and click on save button in application toolbar(Custom Menu bar), the changes are not capturing.

Please guid me hw to achive this problem.

Thanks & Regards,



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Try the istruction

CALL METHOD o_grid->check_changed_data.

this should update internal data table with data on screen.

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Thanks for the reply,

I have used this method in PAI as below


CALL METHOD obj_my_alv_grid->check_changed_data( ).

CASE sy-ucomm.




it_times1 = it_times.



Here it_times is the table to pass the data for alv display in the method

set_table_for_first_display for the parameter it_outtab.

but no changes coming into it_times1 table. Kindly give me some sample code.

Thanks & Regards,


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you did what i meant, but in this case seem it doesn't work.

Take a look to program" BCALV_TEST_GRID_EVENTS", how it menage the event "Event DATA_CHANGED After F4",

maybe you can find your solution

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Hi Chandu,

You should be writing a method to handle the data changes for the event DATA_CHANGED. You should first register the event and the event handler method.

Kindly search for the term "easy reference to ALV grid control" in Google and refer to the PDF file in the search results.



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I have a small requirement of displaying the 3 internal tables data in output.

In this 2 internal tables having the drop down fields.

Once after display of this data in screen the user will select the values of this drop down fields from drop down list.

Then i need to capture these drop down values along with original data once after click on the 'SAVE' button in application toolbar and generate the PDF form.

For this i hv used OO ALV with custom control, but the problem is drop down values are not capturing when i click on button in application tollbar.

Can any one help in this.

Thanks & Regards,


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Here i have taken 3 grid instances instead of 1 grid instance.