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Change to table maintenance: T526??

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Dear All,

My requirement is to allow payroll administrators to update T526 data using custom view.

A transaction code needs to be created to maintain this data.

So, for this purpose, I have created a custom transaction code(se93) thats directs the user to SM30 of T526.

Standard SAP has already implemented table maintenenace for T526.

The additional requirements I need to implement are the following:

1. User should not be prompted to create a transport request

2. User should not be able to delete/create entries

I think, for point1, we need to check the radio button 'no,or user,recording routine' in table maintenance dialog screen.

But as this requires changes to the table maintenance screen of standard T526 table, Iam afraid we should not be doing that.

Any workaround for that

And for point2, we can create a dialog program that calls the table maintenance screen of T526, and in the PAI of dialog program,

prevent creation/deletion of entries.

Please help me out




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create a new View (SE11, second row) on table T526 where you forbid creation and deletion of entries and where you do not set the type to customising. Then use SE54 to create a new maintenance view on that SE11-view. This must all be done in your namespace (e.g. ZMYVIEW etc.)

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Thanks for the response.

Can you detail your solution, how do I address the points mentioned in my question.

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Any more suggestions friends??

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sorry for not replying earlier.

Open SE11, use second radio button, enter e.g. ZT526 and press "Create button". Choose View Type "Maintenance View" in the following popup. Enter table T526 in the "Table/Join Conditions" tab. Add all fields of the original table on the "View Flds" tab.

And now: On the "Maint.Status" tab, select radio button "read and change" as Access and "A" as delivery class. Use "X Display/Maintenance Allowed" in the drop down box.

Ignore warnings during activation.

Use SE54 to create a Table Maintenance Dialog on this new view.

Adjust your transaction code such that it points to SM30 but this time using the new View (ZT526) as input table.

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Best way of doing create one simple dialog program which is like table maintaince ur table..

now do the validation and keep everthing what ever in table maintaince..