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change purchasing output control (from sapscript to smartform) Qusetion!

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I want to print a Purchasing Documents by smartform.So i look for system standard program "SAPFM06P"->FORM ENTRY_NEU.

In this form i found 2 function:'ME_READ_PO_FOR_PRINTING' and 'ME_PRINT_PO'. who can tell me the useful of function?(is it standard print function to sapscript?)



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Using this function he is getting all the data of the Purchase Order which you can use it in your smart form

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Hi Kelvin,

In the standard PO program these two FMs are worked as base for printing POs.

first FM ME_READ_PO_FOR_PRINTING actually collects all data against a prticular PO. you can follow l_doc structure of importing parameter. the FM returns all data collected throgh l_doc structutre. l_doc structure contains different tables like ekpo, eket which are filled up after executing this FM.

second FM ME_PRINT_PO actually doing the printing work line by line through structure EKKO,EKPO.



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First thanks for your reply.

According your reply:

step1: call function 'ME_READ_PO_FOR_PRINTING' collects all data against a prticular PO.

step2: call smartforms function 'SSF_FUNCTION_MODULE_NAME' and importing parameter.

step3: call function 'ME_PRINT_PO' actually doing the printing work.

is it right?thanks.

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Up,who can help me?