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change pointer perfomance issue(bd22)

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we are using message type HRMD_A to transfer the employee change data using the program RBDMIDOC. we are checking two table BDCP n BDCPS, but because of large number of data we r facing a perfomance issue here. I read in one forum about transaction BD22 which deletes the change pointer from these tables, but is it safe to use? and also what is the obsolete change pointer?

Thanks in advance for ur inputs.


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It is advisable to reorganize change pointer tables at regular intervals for better performance of programs accessing the BDCP* tables.

BD22 is a standard report delivered by SAP and it is absolutely safe to run this report. It also has o test run option. You could always run the report in test mode to analyze the data the report had selected for deletion.

Obsolete change pointers are those which have been created up to the specified date and time. In BD22, if this checkbox is marked, obsolete change pointers will be reorganized regardless of whether they have yet been processed.

Processed change pointers are those which have been processed in the specified period (date and time). If this checkbox is marked, the processed change pointers are reorganized.


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