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Change original language in enterprise system

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i'm looking for a possibility to change the original language inside a report.

I can see it inside SE80 in attributes of the report, but it's not allowed to change.

The report was transported from an other sap-system, so that the original system is also not the right one. But it not changeable, too.

Any idea?



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When you login to the server, you can give the language. If it is blank, it will take the default language set for the user. You can go to System -> Own data and set the required language.

In the program, if you want to change the language for printing, You can use SET LOCALE LANGUAGE 'EN'.



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thanks for answer, but that is not my problem.

I need to change the original language of the report themselve like you can see it in the report attributes.

You can enter it if you create the report, but it's blocked here, cause I transport it from an other sap system and so, the field is not open.

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hi Nicole,

to change the original language, you have to log on into the system in that language, which you want to change to (i. e. if you want the report to have original language English, you have to log on to the system in English. There could be prooblems with the package assignment as well. The package of the report has to exist in the new system as well (otherwise you cannot change anything).

In SE80 if you go to menu Goto/Object directory entry. here you can change the original system.

hope this helps


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Hi Eric,

that is the way i know it without an enterprise system or if I create the report directly in the system, but it's not working here.

The original system and original language are both not open. .O(

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hi Nicole,

let's start again:

for the original language: SE38 (or SE80 doesn't matter), Enter program name, click on Change and now menu: Goto / Attributes. Now a popup should come up and ask for the language change.

for the original system: in SE03: double click : change Object Directory Entries, select the program (R3R, PROG, program name) and Execute. Now double click on the line with the program name. In the upcoming popup you can change.

Both things have to work in any system (I've tried in 4.7 and 5.0 as well)

PREREQUISITE: the original package (development class) has to exist in the new system!!!

Let me know the error message, if it still does not work!


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Thanks...first SE03 was the solution