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Change log indicator

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I have turned on "Log data changes" indicator for a Z table. The changes to the table gets logged when I update it through SM30 but not when I do it through my Z program that does a direct update using the "Update" , "Delete" statements. Is there any other setting that I need to do? I am not doing any lock/unlock in the Z program. Could this be the reason?




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Hi Hari,

The logging takes places only if the parameter rec/client in the system profile is set correctly.

Please check the same.

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Hello Hari,

<b>Only selecting the flag(<u><b>Log data changes</b></u> indicator) in the ABAP Dictionary is not sufficient to trigger logging.</b>

You can use logging to record and store modifications to the entries of a table.

To activate logging, the corresponding field(<b>Log data changes</b> indicator) must be selected in the technical settings.

Logging, however, only takes place if the SAP System was started with a profile

containing parameter <b>rec/client</b>. Parameter “rec/client” can have the following settings:

<b>rec/client</b> =ALL All the clients should be logged.

<b>rec/client</b> = 000[...] Only the specified clients should be logged.

<b>rec/client</b> = OFF Logging is deactivated in this system.

The data modifications are logged independently of the update. You can display the

logs with the Transaction Table History (SCU3).

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Regards, Srikanth

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Thanks but sadly this does not help. The value of the parameter is 'ALL' and all the fields have log data chnages turned on. But still the chnages are not being logged when i update through the Z transaction. All the chnages that I make through SM30 is getting logged.