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Change language key of SAPscript?

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Dear All,

I have a custom SAPscript form created in "EN" as logon language. I need to copy the same form but need to change the language key to be maintained in Japanese, Chinese and Korean languages. How to do it? Eagerly waiting for your valuable reply.




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Client specific (client-dependent)

Language specific

Can be translated using the standard SAP translation tools


Note:</b></u> If the SAPScript form is not available in the client in which the document is being printed, then the SAPScript checks for the style or layout set in client 000.

<b><u>Recommendation:</u></b> Keep only one copy of the SAPScript form in client 000.

•To copy a standard SAP form follow these steps-

1) Go to ‘Utilities’ menu at the top of the screen.

2) Choose ‘copy from client’ .

3) Enter the name of the standard SAP form name in the first field.

4) Leave the source client as ‘000’ and enter the name of the customized form in the third field.

5) Click on the ‘execute’ Icon.

6) Back out of the screens until the initial screen for transaction SE71 comes.

Enter the name of the customized form in the ‘From’ field, ensure that the language is correct and click on the change button.

SAP Scripts are client-dependent objects. Hence, they may often require to be downloaded from or uploaded to SAP system

<b>Following programs can be used to download from/upload to SAP System</b>

• RSTXR3TR – To EXPORT/IMPORT layout set (FORM) using a Transport Request (CTS)

The alternative is SCC1 transaction

RSTXSCRP – To EXPORT/IMPORT layout set (FORM), Style, Standard Text or Device Type without using a Transport Request

Creation of a SAP Script Standard Text does not require a CTS

Standard Text can be assigned to a CTS using program RSTXTRAN

Reward all helpfull answers



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Dear Pavan,

I am stating my requirement more clearly. The custom SAPscript Z_XXXXXX has been created in EN as logon language. The problem concerns only the archiving function (PDF conversion) for the Asian languages. Therefore they have to be created in corresponding Asian Languages like Chinese, Japanese and Korean. In the new language versions the correct SAP default fonts have to be used. The form Z_XXXXXX do not have these language versions (ZH, JA and KO), using the right fonts in the paragraph/character formats. So need to adjust the versions of the form. How to do that? Eagerly waiting for your reply.



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Utilities --> copy from client.

Give source and target.


Enter SE71 --> Give target script name

Change--> goto administrative data --> select radio button for all languages

Activate it...

If you want to convert the original language... Goto SE71--> script name & original language

Click change Utilities --> conver original language


You can goto transaction SE63 and translate the scripts into different languages.

In SE63, click Translation -> Long Texts -> Sapscripts -> Forms

Those language you can convert to should have already been pre-installed in the system.

SE63 is the best way to translate since it offers check options.

However, it does not mean that it is 100% full proof that everything is correct.

I guess Info is helpful to you.



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just copy from client.

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Hi Pulokesh,

In se71 once u gave the form name click create button

then goto the menu form and give the form name which u want to copy and give ur language in which u want to create.