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Change in PO Qty does not reflect to the sales order

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Hi All,

I have a requirement like to place a Purchase Order on the supplying plant with a Value Pack Item, when user want to change the PO quantity ( after Sales order created for the same PO), it does not reflect back to sales order.

Here is the steps for this scenario. First I have created a Purchase Order, then created a Sales Order for the same. Now if the user wants to change the PO quantity, it results in error in IDoc.

If we check the same in IDoc, it has an error like "Field VBEP-WMENG is not an input field". And when I checked the delivery in VA02 (the Shipping tab on the Overview screens), the schedule lines are greyed out. This is the reasons why the error occurs.

Can somebody give a proper solution to overcome this issue. Thanks in advance.




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There is a Userexit to change PO details while creating Sales order "EXIT_SAPFV45E_001" - Just change PO quanity from SO quantity in this User exit.

Therefore you will not have problem you explained.


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Hello Poorna,

Your suggestion will work while creating Sales Order. But in my case Sales Order already been created and delivery in process.

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as per my knowledge , Process will be like this

1.SO->Delivery->Billing ( here we will use PO as a Ref.)

2.PO->Delivery->Billing .this is STO process.

If u change Qty of PO it will not reflect IN SO bcos PO is a Ref Document which doesn't have any Key roll in Creation of Sales Order, U are using this PO as a Ref of this PO i am going to dispatch material.



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Hi Prabhu

Ok. If I consider this scenario for the 2nd option

2.PO->Delivery->Billing .this is STO process.

Then why the field not ready for input?

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Hi Murphy

Maybe this is due to subsequent documents posted.

Please check the following:

1. Document flow of Sales Document. See if the status of sales order is open/processed...

2. Check if any setting of schedule line categories restrict from modifying.

Hope you can get some clue from the above.

Kind Regards