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Change in column positions for CAT2 due to Upgrade from 4.6B to 5.0

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Hi All,

In the CAT2 transaction for the timesheet, in the worklist / data entry area few columns got inter-changed ( column positions have got inter-changed ) after upgrading to 5.0 from 4.6B .

We found that in a table called TCVIEW there are few settings for column (field) positions.

To find those records in this table for the transaction CAT2 please eneter

table : TCVIEW

program : SAPLLCATS

usertype: A

control : TC_CATSD

The field position should start from CATSFIELDS-ASTERISK, CATSD_PERNR....and so on...

These field postions are proper in 4.6B, however they are inter changed in ECC 5.0

So is there any solution to bring the column positions back to the original.

Please reply as soon as possible.

With Regards,

Amarnath Singanamala.


Former Member
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In ECC 6.0 if its still a table control, you can double click on the top right hand corner of the table control and change the order and save the setting.

If its a ALV you can simply change the layout and set it as default.

Did you try these options?



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HI ravi,

Thanks for your reply,

Ya I know that we can change from that control if we have few fields. but there are many fields, so it would be a problem to change. and the upgrade is from 4.6B to ECC 5.0

with regards,