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Capture ENTER event in alv

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Hi friends ,

I want capture "enter " event whenever user presses enter at ALV fields .

Well i have used an event "handle data changed" but then it wont get triggered

Unless data in ALV field is changed .

Please suggest me how to capture event without data getting changed ,

As i want validate data , when user presses enter on alv fields .

Thanx in advance .


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In PBO, call this method ...

CALL METHOD alv_grid->register_edit_event


i_event_id = cl_gui_alv_grid=>mc_evt_enter.


Rao A

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Hi , Rao Arimilli

I did that but i think , still event is triggerred when i m editing some field in ALV .

But i want event to be triggerred only after " enter button " , though we are not changing any ALV fields .

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Please clarify...

Do you want to defer all cell validations until after 'Enter' key is pressed,


Do you want data_changed event to be fired when enter key is pressed even though no data has been changed in the ALV grid

or both?

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Hi ,

I want to check only when Enter is pressed ,

I dont want to use data change event because it get triggerred only when data is changed .

I want Only "ENTER" event though data is getting chnaged or not .

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If you want to trigger PAI for Enter key even when no data is changed, then you need to set I_APPL_EVENTS flag when creating the alv grid.

create object alv_grid


i_parent = cust_ctrl

i_appl_events = 'X'.

But this may bring in more problems because you have to now call check_changed_Data in PAI which will trigger data_Changed, but there are workarounds.


Rao A

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Hi ,

Can u plz explain in detail with examples .

I am working on 4.6c

I dont have enough examples to refer .

I have till BCALV_EDIT_04

I am having other problem aslo .

When i click on checkbox , its not getting reflected in internal table

What i have to do for that .