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CAP GEMINI Interview questions

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Hi friends,

i having some imp questions, could u please answer for the following?

1. how to add F4 help to one field which already having F4 help by default from sap?

2. how to retrieve the data from two database tables into one internal table which are not having any common field in both tables, using only one select statement?

3. how to print page numbers in the script like 1(4), 2(4), 3(4), 4(4) in the pages of sap script?

4. how to validate bulk of fields from selection screen at a time?

5. events of selection screen?

6. what do u mean by table maintenance generator, what is the functionality and purpose of going for this?

7. exact functionality of initialization event?

8. Difference between into and corresponding fields options? which is prefarable on the basis of performance?

9. where do u do performace testing, is there any tool to test ur program?

10. how to copy script from one client to another copy?


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1. If you give a F4 by using function module ''F4IF_INT_TABLE_VALUE_REQUEST' , it will autometically replace the defauld search help.

2. Suppose tab1 & tab2 dont has any field common. Then can introduce tab3 which has common field for both tab1 & tab2. and inner joining these three tables.

3. SFSY-FORMPAGES to get the total no of pages.SFSY-PAGENAME to get the current page.

4. Not clear what you want to know. To come out from the screen we use at exit-command at the time of bulk validation.

5. At selection screen

At selection screen on field

at selection -screen output

6.Table maintanance is a screen element to display & manupulate the tables in the screen or dynpro.

7. To give the initial values to some field. It is called before selection screen , so vastly used to give defauld value to selection screen elements.

8. Into has better performance. It moves value field by field. into corresponding moves value character by character.

9. T-Code: SE30 & ST05

10. There are standard program to download the script is desktop and then upload to other client from desktop. Program name : RSTXSCRP

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1. You can call the function module 'F4IF_INT_TABLE_VALUE_REQUEST' in at selection-screen on value-request for field.

4. Use at selection-screen output.

5. F1 help on at selection-screen can give you the further details.



1. ... ON psel

2. ... ON END OF sel

3. ... ON VALUE-REQUEST FOR psel_low_high

4. ... ON HELP-REQUEST FOR psel_low_high


6. ... ON BLOCK block

7. ... OUTPUT

6. We can manipulate the values of a table using table maintenace generator.We can include the validations for a field before it gets inserted in database.Mainly we can include the validations,populate default values to some fields,etc.,

7. You can set the default values for select-options using initialization.It will be triggered before the selection screen is displayed.

8.corresponding fields is prefarable.Because it will put the data into particular fields in the table.Otherwise,if the no. of fields retrived doesn't match with the no. of fields in internal table, then data will be incorrect.This can also happen if the type is incorrect.These problems can be avoided using corresponsing feilds.

9. Use tcode SE30.

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Hi murli,

1. You can assign f4 help using FM module F4IF_INT_TABLE_VALUE_REQUEST'

just make your internal in initialization event. at selection screen pass this table to this FM.

4. if u put in loop at screen you can do all the validation.

7. It will initialize it will initilize all variable and wat ever function you want to perform.

8. into used where u have same no of field in internal table and in the same order in which u r fetching from data base. but in corresponding u can hav differnet order and fetching less fields then the field s in internal table.

9. for performance you can use for runtime use se30 and for data base firing use st05.

10. use t-code scc1 you can copy ur sapscripts.

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