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Cannot preview a SAP Note in transaction SNOTE

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Hi Gurus,

We are facing an issue in which we can't preview a sapnote under transaction SNOTE. Error that display is

Internal error: OPEN_FORM.

I would appreciate it greatly if someone could guide us with this issue.




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Maybe an error from the SAP side



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The note says cannot be implementated. Why are you requiring this note.

Login to the service market place and check the note details.

best regards,


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Hello Swanand,

The error is not the sapnote. Its viewing the note which is my error.

Everytime we click any sapnote on the sapnote browser, no preview is given. And the system say "

Internal error: OPEN_FORM".

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My SAP GUI used to crash while previewing any note using SNOTE.

After disabling the embedded viewing option in Adobe Reader Preferences > Internet > Display pdf in browser, the note started opening in new Adobe Reader window. You could try out this setting.

BTW, what version of Adobe Reader are you using?

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can you provide more details about the "Internal error: OPEN_FORM". Like when you click on it, it should open another window with some more details. Thanks.

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Hi Manish,

That was actually one of the things I validated. However, the issue still prevails. I compared to other system and they were working well (preview of sapnote is ok). I tried on on workstations with version 8 and other is 9.

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Hi Swanand,

Content is:

Internal error: OPEN_FORM

Message no. SCWN200

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You could compare versions and reinstall SAP GUI and Adobe Reader.

As others are able to open same note, I don't think there is any issue on server side of things.

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Just for Information:

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Hi Christian

May be I have the solution.

You can use the tcode  se37 and debbug the function OPEN_FORM, the field/variable that has the formulary name is rstxc-tdform.

You can stop the function on the line 120 or search the code "rstxc-tdform = form" and you identify the sapscript form that was an error.

Finally you need to go to xcode se71 and validate/change or create the sapscript.