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Can I using batch input in a rfc enable FM

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I want import data from external system .Can I create a FM with RFC enable and using bdc table for batch input in the FM?

Or should I create a FM with bdc table for batch input and another FM with RFC enable call the batch input FM?


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from as much as i know, if u r communicating with a non SAP system then of course u will have to use RFC to interact with it. now if u want to run your BDC in a batch input mode then probably u need to go for asynchronous RFC. but there are a few issues with it like u may not be able to have any return parameters in your function module which might hamper your process at some point of time.

what is the volume of data that you are going to extract? if it is not too much or if this is a one time job then rather than going for an RFC just try and get the data in a flat file and then use the file to upload data into the SAP system.



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Hi,Priyank Jain

The problem is that u can't call transaction in rfc enable function module .And the batch input most like a call transaction ,So I wonder if this work?

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The other option is use a .NET connector and create a service that resides in the server. Now you can use a synchronous RFC that can connect to the non-SAP DB through the service that holds the logon info for that DB and SAP Gateway info.



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Hi Samuel Zakster

Could you explain it more detail .It sounds different to common methods.

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Here a short extract from the help to asynchronous function modules (... starting new task):

Using CALL SCREEN, the called function module can, for example, display a screen.

Only in background sessions you can't interact with GUI - but a batch input is only background. (Compare SM35,options for execution: start in background -> batch input sessions can run in background.)