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Calculation of stocks

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Hello Everyone,

I already know that table GLT0 brings data showed on transaction FS10N, what I'd like to know is how the system gets these values, which stock tables does the system use to calculate it?

I need to develop a report that shows that stuff....

Thanks in Advance.

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Hello Lolita,

From GLT0 you get the C/F balance for the fiscal year.

The period wise debit / credit values can be retrieved from BSIS & BSAS.

Balance = Debit - Credit. (You can validate this from FBL3N)

Cum. Balance = Cum. Balance of Previous Period / CF Cum. Baln + Balance of current period.

Hope this helps.



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Thank you Surras....

As I can see, I'll have to develop a new report really, because I thought it took to account stock tables...but it doesn't have anything to do it.....

Thanks once again.....

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The data are from BSEG table: here u need to get the g/l item only, so the record where BSEG-KOART = 'S'.

U can use the secondary index table BSIS and BSAS instead of BSEG: if you have the g/l account as parameter of selection, your report will be faster.

U should sum the total for g/l account (BSIS/BSAS-HKONT), fyscal period (BSIS/BSAS-GJAHR and BSIS/BSAS-MONAT): remember the sign if BSIS/BSAS-SHKZG = 'H' it means the value is negative.

The amount are get from BSIS/BSAS-WRBTR (in document currency) or BSIS/BSAS-DMBTR (in local, company code, currency).


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Thanks for the details Max.....

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I am getting all required data with BSIS except plant / PRCTR.

Can somebody please tell me how to get cumulative balance Plant wise or PRCTR wise.