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BW Authorization for different users on different Char values

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Hi experts,

I am in BW 7.0.

How can i set authorization for different users for different values for Char say SALES_REP.

Scenario is:

1. Sales rep login in BW portal via BW system ID XYZ and runs a report.

2. In BW there is no relationship maintained between Sales REP value say 12345 and Sales ID XYZ.

3. Say new REP ABC joins company he should restrict to see SALES REP data 23456.

Can I create a single Authorization Object and reassign with different values of Char SALES_REP to different users.

We don't want to create as many authorization objects as the number of Sales Rep.

We have SALES_REP enabled as Authorization enabled don't know how to configure the things for above requirement .

It would be great help for me if steps are shared.




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You have to create custom authorization object on salea_rep infoobject with RSECADMIN and make that infoobject salesrep as authorization relevant in RSD1. You can assign this custon object directly to user or can restrict through roles

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Thanks very Much for Reply.

Can I use the same Authorization Object for Different User IDs to restrict the different values of the Chars?

Say User ID A should have restricted to value 1 of sales rep.

User ID B should be restricted to value 2 of sales rep.

similarly User ID C should be restricted to Sales Rep value 3 and so on.

Please suggest.


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Yes Mukesh, you can

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Created Authorization objects as discussed in thread.

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Hi Mukesh,

You will need to create Analysis Authorizations in RSECADMIN, one for each value range of SALES_REP. If you are trying to restrict access to each individual SALES_REP value then you will be creating 1 Analysis Authorization for each value of SAPLES_REP separately. Then you can assign these analysis authorizations through roles using object S_RS_AUTH or assign directly using RSECADMIN. Assigning through roles will make user administration easy for you.

Also BW 7.0, you do not create any Authorization Object that was only in BW 3.x